An Outing of Remembrance

As we approach this years outing, we strive to NEVER FORGET those we have lost.

Below is a short list of some of our family that have passed.


The FDNY 911 Tournament lost Jimmy Young, who was our Belly Flop specialist. We have kept the contest going in his honor.


Louis Mulkey, who with Eight other brave souls of the Charleston FD lost their lives at the Sofa Super Store Fire. Louis was part of our Charleston FD group that cooked then and continue to cook for our outing today.


Gregory Forsyth (aka The Greggor), was taken away from us. Greg was with us from the beginning when we did the Ronaldson Golf outing in New York.


Herbie Johnson, a member of the Chicago FD, lost his life in the line of duty. Herbie was much loved by all of us. He had a special talent of making everyone laugh and have a good time.


Nick Giordano’s wife, Dorene Delaney Giordano, died on the 23 of May, a day after the outing in 2014.¬† We will continue to honor her memory as we add to the list of of our family members that we have lost over the years.

If we have unintentionally  missed someone, please notify us and we would be happy to add them. Let us come together in the true spirit of the original outing; To celebrate all those who have lost their lives and to remember them during the tournament.